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Advantages of Disposable Paper Meal Boxes

With the improvement of people's quality of life, convenient and fast life has become the mainstream and habit. Both the packaging of roadside snacks and the festival at home need to use disposable paper lunch boxes, and the use of disposable paper lunch boxes is more extensive. Let's take a look at the advantages of disposable paper lunch boxes.

Disposable paper lunch boxes are made of paper materials, which can be recycled, landfilled or burned without causing serious environmental pollution, and have high environmental protection value. Recycling is more environmentally friendly, and also in line with the life philosophy of low carbon and environmental protection.

The paper lunch box is made of fiber paper, which is processed by pulping without any bleaching treatment, and is environmentally friendly and sanitary. Built-in PE coating technology, in line with national standards, waterproof, moisture-proof, high-temperature resistant, made in a clean working environment, clean and safe, waterproof and oil-proof effect better than ordinary paper, not easy to deform; Thickened bowl heat insulation, increased paper hardness, strong bearing capacity.

Heating water will not deform; The matching cover is also an environmental protection material, which has no peculiar smell, is firmly stuck in the mouth of the bowl, and is not easy to leak; Bright color, standard printing, meeting printing requirements. There is spiral depression at the bottom of the bowl to prevent leakage, durable and reliable. The bowl mouth is smooth and flat, the full bowl body has shape, and the roll mouth has no crack; So not only the size is different, but also the logo pattern can be customized.

The inner corner of the paper lunch box is circular, which disperses stress, avoids stress concentration and reduces the risk of injection molding biodegradable frame. The horizontal length between the two ends of the arc is greater than, equal to or less than the vertical height between the two ends of the arc. The shape of the inner corner of the frame should match the radian of the crimp as much as possible, which not only increases the strength of the frame, but also further increases the leak-proof performance.

For enterprises making disposable paper lunch boxes, to give full play to their significance, they should do a good job in printing, pay attention to printing design and improve the appearance. When printing, choose rich colors and use attractive patterns to attract consumers' attention.

In the selection of materials, please select materials with good quality. When designing, we should pay attention to the psychology of consumers and pursue diversification, so as to attract more consumers and expand sales. Come to our website for more product-related matters https://www.sdynbz.com Ask!